Project: Renewing Communities: Pathways from Corrections to College

Position: Research Associate

Description: In collaboration with the Warren Institute at Berkeley Law and with funding from the Ford Foundation, this project at the Stanford Criminal Justice Center sought to expand post-secondary educational opportunities for people in the criminal justice system in California. The project involved identifying existing and promising service delivery models for jail- and prison-based education, as well as services within the community; researching best practices; analyzing the criminal justice and educational landscape for California; building support for and developing a demonstration pilot project for the State of California. The Renewing Communities project continues today through The Opportunity Institute.

As part of this project, my work in the ethics of higher education focused on access to high-quality college programs for currently and formerly incarcerated people in California. I co-authored a comprehensive report, which was presented to California State Legislators, on the current state of postsecondary educational opportunities for justice-involved students across the state.

Report: Degrees of Freedom: Expanding College Opportunities for Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Californians (download here)