• In this course, I introduced undergraduate student fellows to the fundamentals of planning and evaluating community building initiatives in preparation for their engagement in the Community Building and Social Change Fellowship program over the summer term. Over the course of the semester, I supported students in developing proposed work plans for their summer projects in partnership with local community organizations and representatives. I also served as research advisor for the data collection and analysis components of the fellows' projects over the summer term.

    Course Description: This course, the second in the three-course sequence in community building and social change, will provide an introduction and overview to the tools, methods, and strategies for planning and evaluating comprehensive community initiatives. While the foundational principles for this course are drawn from social science research methods, our primary focus will be on the application of those methods to addressing important real world problems. A fundamental objective of this course is to assist the CBSC fellows and their community partners in developing a solid work plan for undertaking their collaborative community building projects, which will be the focus of the summer practicum in community building and social change.

    Instructor: Rebecca M. Taylor